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Of fear and strangers, a history of xenophobia, George Makari - hardcover

"A startling work of historical sleuthing and synthesis, Of Fear and Strangers reveals the forgotten histories of xenophobia-and what they mean for us today. By 2016, it was impossible to ignore an international resurgence of xenophobia. What had happened? Looking for clues, psychiatrist and historian George Makari started out in search of the idea's origins. To his astonishment, he discovered an unfolding series of never-told stories. While a fear and hatred of strangers may be ancient, he found that the notion of a dangerous bias called "xenophobia" arose not so long ago. Coined by late nineteenth-century doctors and political commentators and popularized by an eccentric stenographer, xenophobia emerged alongside Western nationalism, colonialism, mass migration, and genocide. In this groundbreaking work, the author investigates these forces alongside the writings of figures such as Joseph Conrad, Albert Camus, and Richard Wright, and innovators like Walter Lippmann, Sigmund Freud, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Frantz Fanon. In the end, Of Fear and Strangers pulls together the most critical contributions, to help us comprehend the "New Xenophobia" we now face"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Prologue: out of Beirut -- The origins of xenophobia. In search of Xénos ; Avant la lettre, or the black legend ; The first xenophobes ; The boxer uprising ; Colonial panic ; Commence the unraveling ; Immigrant boomerang ; The road to genocide -- Inside the xenophobic mind. Little Albert and the wages of fear ; The invention of the stereotype ; Projection and the negative of love ; The enigma of the other ; Self estrangements -- The return of the stranger. Why we hate them ; The new xenophobia -- Coda: in the Pyrenees
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non fiction
First edition.
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xxii, 346 pages, illustrations, 24 cm

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